A General Note About Book Reviews

The book submission policies for almost every major national and regional major newspaper, magazine or journal clearly states:

“Please note that at this time we do not review eBooks, POD Books and other self-published titles as we only offer books that are available with wide distribution in the United States, online as well as offline through general-interest bookstores and retailers.”

The Bad News—The chance of a self-published book getting covered in larger magazines and newspapers are slim unless:

  • There is a compelling local, regional or special-interest angle.

The Good News—Since self-publishing is on the rise, a few outlets have:

  • A special section that specifically covers self-published books.

So a media list for a self-published book will be tailored to these parameters. Please also remember that due to the daily volume of pitches these national outlets receive, they often only respond to book review pitches that are accepted.



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