Congratulations! Now that you’ve finished that book, the hard work is done and you’re on to publishing. Quatrain PR is here to create a unique PR program to promote your book. We tailor publicity specifically for each book and author, designed to efficiently reach the right audience.

What We Do. We can do a little, or a lot, starting where you are. We work with self-published authors and those with publishers, promoting both print and eBooks. We can create and run your entire publicity, or coordinate with your publisher’s marketing team, to expand the limited PR that smaller publishers typically offer. For example, a publisher might get print magazine book reviews, but not manage author speaking; they may contact big name newspapers, but not manage social media, Internet radio or blog promotion. Quatrain PR offers a wide range of strategic publicity campaigns—big or small—we get you covered.

How We Work. Four to six months before publication is the ideal time to contact Quatrain PR. We are pros who know the territory and make sure there are no gaps in the plan, no cracks to fall through. We see PR as a team sport, and we’ll work with you to run a PR program that smooths the road to book launch, and carries you through the first months of book promotion and sales.

Who We Are. Quatrain PR was founded by Kaye McKinzie. Trained in journalism, she brings more than twenty years of media and publicity experience to the creation of PR strategies. Fiction and creative non-fiction, especially memoir, are specialties. Quatrain PR associates are specialists in media outreach, social media management, website design, graphic design, writing and event production. Under Kaye’s direction, your PR team works with you to coordinate communication and create success.

Contact. To find out more, Contact Kaye