Services & Pricing

We’re Experienced: National, Regional or Local  – With Publisher or Self-Published

We create and manage custom publicity for each author within their book’s specific genre. We book throughout North America, and have experience with media and bookstores in every major metro area.

If you have a publisher with an internal marketing team, we can add programs they may not cover, and coordinate with them. You’ll benefit from an extra layer of publicity (for example: radio, broadcast, book reviews, and book events, both in-person and online).

Custom Publicity 

PR activities are linked to a strategy to meet an author’s goals and budget. Services are billed hourly, or packaged into a monthly retainer.


Publicity campaigns begin at $800 for small projects, and range to $3,500 for national media and events. Typical monthly services range from $1,250-$2,000. A special package for members of Left Coast Writers® is discounted by 50%, and is designed to help authors jumpstart publicity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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3 Stages of book publicity:

1. Book Proposal: for authors seeking a publisher. Quatrain PR helps educate authors during proposal development, providing guidance in writing the marketing and publicity sections.

2. Platform Development: 9-12 months before publication.

Quatrain PR helps authors create their marketing platform with a 12-month plan. Learn what it is and what it does, decide which tools to use, how to get help to build it, what to write, when to write it, and where to post it.

We help you sanely plan and create your platform. Get ready for publication, and have it in place before you send out that book proposal!

3. Book Launch: 3 to 4 months before publication to 3 months after.

Once the launch date is set, Quatrain PR:

  • Defines the strategy to successfully launch your book publicity, with advice on traditional news media campaigns as well as those using social media, speaking, and targeted book reviews, book giveaways, contests, blog tours and other approaches.
  • Creates press releases, media kits, web content, blogs, and more, writing original content or developing from your material.
  • Plans the media outreach and launch activity, including readings and speaking.
  • Sets the activity timeline from 3 months before launch to 3 months after the launch.
  • Manages the campaign from beginning to end.

Pricing depends on the publicity campaign elements, which typically include a combination of:

  • Writing of press materials and media kit
  • Author website design and online content development
  • Traditional print, online, and broadcast media
  • Social media strategy, defining the best approach using the right combination of: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram,  Pinterest, etc.
  • Book tours and speaking events, in-person and online
  • Blog tours/virtual launches
  • Book reviews in traditional press and campaigns for reader reviews