Why a Publicist?

Timing is everything, and crucial to successful publicity campaigns. Getting quality media coverage takes careful planning and unique and creative pitching. It’s as much an art as it is a science. It takes experience, know-how and strategic timing to get the right press at the time of a book launch.

A pro does more than check off the names as they call the media. They make the outreach work, aiming for exact stories and reviews to build momentum that influences book buyers. They know what your audience is reading, where they look for recommendations, which publications they trust, and who is interested in your book’s themes and genre. They know who to call, and how to tell your story to win interest and get you interviews. The right publicist is a strategist that believes in your book, and can get coverage for you in a crowded market, with dozens of other books competing for press attention.

As your book launch date approaches, getting the outreach done in sequence is important—each press contact has its own deadline. As the author, you’ll be in demand, preparing for appearances and interviews. A seasoned publicist keeps you informed and on track to make the process run like clockwork, covering all the bases, and confirming all the details, making it easy for you to shine.

You’ve invested a lot to get your book written and now it’s time to get out in front and see your creative effort pay off. A publicist gets you onto the right stage, putting the best possible spotlight on you and your book. A pro can make your book launch a great trip, save you a lot of time and ensure your book has a welcoming audience on publication day and beyond!